COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

We were able to obtain a copy of the city of Chicago’s guidelines for rideshare and taxicab drivers to maintain health and safety standards as the city begins to move into Phase 3 of the plan to re-start business services.

Drivers, what do you think? Are these reasonable and appropriate? If you kept driving during the past 2 months of quarantine, have you followed these precautions? What’s been your experience with passengers? Please comment below or on our Facebook page. Thanks!

3 replies on “COVID-19 Safety Guidelines”

The summer is we need air conditioner in car
the virus is airborne.
We need social 6 feet social distance inside the car
Just need an advise

Overall, ok. They should be strict about no one in front seat. Also, would be good to actually provide some supplies for cleaning (like they promised in March).

Limit to 9 riders? With no one in the front seat? What kind of cars are people driving? And who’s paying for these partitions? Offer Kleenex so that people can wad them up and throw them on the floor? These guidelines do not work in real life

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