Rideshare in Illinois

May 2020 Update – Contact your Legislator in IL

The legislation which authorized ride share services in Illinois is due for renewal in June. If nothing happens, it will likely be approved for another 5 year term. We can’t let that happen without a fight. A coalition of organizations including Gig Workers Matter is urging fellow drivers to contact their Illinois legislators to ask that this renewal be limited to one year. This will allow our allies to negotiate with Uber and Lyft to come to the table and do more to help drivers already struggling with COVID-19 and the collapse of their ability to stay safe and earn a living.

We are providing a quick and easy way for you to send a strong message to our representatives. Our one-click advocacy tool below will send our message to your State Senator and Representative (it will automatically locate them for you based on your address).

Additionally, if you wish to send a note to the co-sponsors, Sen. Elgie Sims (17th District) and Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch (7th District), please follow Part 2 below.

Senator Sims’ district is shown in yellow on the map above.
Rep. Welch’s district is shown in yellow on the map above.

One-Click Advocacy Tool (Part 1)

Please click this link to access the tool. Enter your address and it will find your local IL legislator.

Once you’ve completed Part 1, you can also send the same message to the two co-sponsors above by completing Part 2 below.

One-Click Advocacy Tool (Part 2)

Please click this link to access the 2nd step to send a message directly to Sen. Sims and Rep. Welch. If they are already your rep (part 1), you do not need to do this step.

Copy of Letters Sent to Legislators

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[…] Our recently launched advocacy tool¬†generated over 100 submissions to Illinois elected representatives calling for a limit to the renewal of the Transportation Network Provider (rideshare) bill in Illinois. We kept the renewal to one year versus five years, which will bring Uber and Lyft back to the negotiating table for better driver benefits. We partnered with AFSCME on this effort and look forward to meeting with the sponsors of the legislation in the summer. Thanks to all the drivers who participated in this effort!¬† […]

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