We are pleased to announce that as of January, Gig Workers Matter has transitioned into becoming a new entity, the Independent Drivers Guild of Illinois. Please read the press release on the IDG website. Thank you for your past and continued support! Bigger victories ahead!

Gig Workers Matter is a new organization whose goal is to bring “gig” or on-demand workers together across industries. Rideshare drivers, delivery drivers, warehouse fulfillment workers, grocery shoppers, and other roles (which involve jobs usually assigned via an app on a smartphone) are ones where workers have little to no control over how much they are paid; receive little to no benefits or protections from being laid off, de-activated, or paid less and less over time.

We have to unite together to push back agains the platforms whose owners are only interested in making a profit at the expense of the people who do the daily tasks that keep these apps viable.